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 Have you ever observed your companions sharing posts like "Where should you in reality live?" or "What vocation were you really implied for?" or "How old are you on a basic level?" or even "What sort of canine are you?" ? You ought to have seen numerous in the event that you are dynamic on Facebook. In all honesty, they are so popular! Countless individuals visit those destinations consistently to attempt to share these fun tests. 

SocioQuiz - Viral Quiz site with Facebook login 

For what reason would it be advisable for you to trouble? 

You may have heard the narrative of the greatest of such destinations – PlayBuzz which turned into the "Most common site" on Facebook in only 10 months from dispatch. Indeed individuals love to share such fun substance on Facebook and that makes it viral. Envision how might it be on the off chance that you own a site that way. 


SocioQuiz is a Viral Quiz site content that has full picture/video and custom HTML uphold. 

It has a larger number of highlights than the tests on Playbuzz, Buzzfeed or different locales out there. 

Least worker prerequisites 

PHP 5.6.4 or above 

Apache Web Server 

MCrypt PHP Extension 

Mbstring PHP Extension 

Tokenizer PHP Extension 

Twist and Curl PHP augmentation 

PDO Extension 

XML Extension 

OpenSSL PHP Extension 

GD Extension (for picture preparing) 

PHP FileInfo Extension 

PHP ZIP Extension 

Advancements and libraries utilized in SocioQuiz 

Laravel 5.3 

Bootstrap 3 


Spine Js 

Furthermore, numerous other OpenSource libraries 


I know nothing about code. Would i be able to introduce it and make it run? 

Truly, obviously. You simply need to transfer it and introduce it utilizing the implicit electronic installer. You should simply to make an information base and give the subtleties. On the off chance that in the event that you experience some other trouble, we are here to help! Basically open a ticket. 

Would i be able to introduce it on a common facilitating? or Can I install it on a shared hosting?

Indeed, as long as it meets the predetermined prerequisites 

Does it uphold Arabic and other RTL dialects/ languages? 

Truly! It underpins okay to-left dialects as well 

Would i be able to keep and advance the inherent tests? 

Truly! You could. No limitations. 

SocioQuiz v2.0.5 - Viral Quiz site with Facebook login