NEB class 12 outcome/result 2077, this is the aftereffect of National Education board Nepal. As you most likely are aware, NEB grade XII outcome result is necessary yearly. This outcome is for you in the event that you go to the class 12 examination on 2076. We as a whole realize that NEB manages examination yearly for +2 level. This incorporates all resources for example Science, Management, Education, humanities, etc. 

Before distinguished as HSEB for example Higher Secondary Examination Board, is currently NEB. In this way, you'll get your outcome set apart as NEB result 2077. Since, the arrangement of NEB your outcomes are on a reviewing premise. This reviewing framework encourages you get your aftereffect of evaluation XII 2077 on alphabetic evaluation rule for example A, B+, B, C, etc. 


You can get your NEB result concerning your symbol number (assessment image number). Image number is on your passage card. Typically your image number is an extraordinary number doled out just to you. For example, 10187364 can be your image number. 

NEB calss 12 outcome/result 2077

Hence, in the event that you need to check your NEB class 12 outcome/result 2077, you'll need your image number(symbol numer) alongside your Date of Birth. You will get your outcome/result simply in the wake of submitting substantial symbol number and date of birth. Coordinating with your NEB test records. 

CHECK NEB RESULT 2076 2077 2020 

Presently you should be interested about How to check Result 2077. As we have just examined about necessities for symbol number and date of birth. We should now examine about the strategies for checking your NEB class 12 result 2077, which was recently. 

# Web method

  • Logon to

  • Fill in the boxes with corresponding values


  • Symbol Number


  • Date of Birth

  • Click on submit



            *Dial 1601 utilizing Landline telephone 

In the wake of performing previously mentioned strategies, you will get your NEB Class 12 Result 2076 2077. I prescribe you to utilize the web strategy since you will get grade sheet too. Though with IVR framework you need to adhere to guidelines of phone administrator. 

neb grade 12 result 2077/2020+